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CARPO as a research organization with more than 3 years of research experience is registered with the Afghan Ministry of Economy under None-Governmental license. CARPO was founded by a group of young elites and civil society activists in 2010 with the mission to actively participate in Afghanistan’s development and prosperity through conducting scientific research, advocacy, peace building, education, and capacity building approaches in an innovative and effective ways.


Moreover, during this period CARPO has been able to build good workforce, expert networks and strengthened its connection’s with internal (local NGOs) and external organizations, expanded its activities and programs. Scientific research, program development, civic engagement, capacity building trainings, peace building, women empowerment and advocacy are our core activities. Since its establishment, CARPO has been able to design and implement different types of capacity building programs and trainings including research methodologies, program development, project management, Resume & CV writing, business writings, democracy and civil society and many more short-term and long-term training courses for youths, fresh university graduate, local organizations, job seekers, and civil society representatives in Kabul. For example, in 2014 CARPO organized, financed and conducted 8 week capacity building training for the purpose of strengthening civil society awareness and role in Kabul, which related to democracy, women right, civil society role in having a good government topics for the university students. As a result more than 100 students (60% females) have participated in the training and enhanced their knowledge in civil society activities and their role in the development and change process. Beside, training programs CARPO effectively developed research and advocacy programs and projects. In March 2015 CARPO successfully implemented a short-term USAID grant in Kabul for a period of 6 months.  Currently, CARPO works and partnered with AeMS and Charity Help organization and provides technical and consulting services.


CARPO’s qualified and professional team with good working and educational background and high commitment is valuable assets for our organization. Our core competencies and potentiality include, designing and conducting training programs, curriculum development, scientific research, needs assessment, survey and consultation.


Technical Assistance & Partnership


CARPO has been able to expand its areas of activities through partnership with other local organizations. Our technical supports include, but not limited to: project development and supervision, coordination and collaboration and stakeholders, capacity building, Monitoring and Evaluation, assessments, survey (data collection), consultation, documentation, supervision, and other technical supports. CARPO provides technical support to the Afghan Women Coalition for Advancement & Contribution (AWCAC), Leer Afgan Organization, Afghan Children, Education and Support Organization, NAJM Consultancy Services Company (NCSC), the Afghan Betterment Center (ABC), Civil Youth Organization for Democracy, Afghan e-marketing Services (AeMS), and Think Renewable Group. CARPO is an official partner of Afghanistan Civil Society Electoral Network (ACSEN), Afghan Women Network (AWN).


Provincial Capacity


CARPO has the potential to work at the provincial and district levels and to implement projects successfully. CARPO has already supported its partners at the provincial level in the design and implementation of the projects (research, advocacy and capacity building). Currently, CARPO has its focal points in 15 provinces such as Kabul, Balkh, Parwan, Kapisa, Punjsher, Baghlan, Ghazni, Faryab, Jowzjan, Samangan, Sar-e-Pul, Logar, Jalalabad, Kandahar and Herat provinces. Meanwhile, CARPO has good relation with non-government organizations, young civil servants/activist, university students, instructors, community elders, school instructors and religious Mullahs, CDCs and DDAs in the mentioned provinces. Most of our provincial staff, which count as provincial focal point are our members and work voluntary.


Our Mission


Our mission is to Conduct scientific research, supply scientific education and trainings, provide consultation and contribution to the community and implement research findings based projects and programs for a peaceful and advanced Afghanistan.


Our Objective


-          Creation of a national and international connections/network to facilitate Research and Development (R&D) process in Afghanistan by 2020

-          Conducting scientific research to provide opportunities and wise action in regard to Afghanistan advancement and prosperity

-          Proposing, Planning, implementing, Monitoring & Evaluating development  projects under the light of gaining knowledge from research and studies

-          Providing training services to our clients in Research, Adocacy and Gender equality.