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Our Services

CARPO seeks to build professional capacities and capabilities of public and private entities (national & International), universities, civil society organizations, individuals and other individual and institution in the following specific field by the end of 2016:


Research & Advocacy

Design and implement research programs in education, health, agriculture, gender conflict, women & youth empowerment and democracy. Based on research findings, CARPO provides advocacy initiatives for development and change process.

Capacity Development

Provides capacity development programs in research methods & tools, advocacy, human & women’s rights, program development, civic engagements, education and agriculture.

Program Development

Provides technical support for private and public entities, including local NGOs specifically in project development and implementation.


Provides consultation services to local institutions and organizations in terms of how to operate and provide services, coordination & communication and also event management.

Training and Education

Provide spesific topic training services to our clients such as: Research, Adocacy and Gender equality.

Gender Conflict

Provide gender related training and consultation. 


Design and establish monitoring and evaluation systems for organizations to help them track program performance and evaluate their programs effectively and efficiently. Our M&E services include preparation of a comprehensive performance management plan (PMP), or the logical framework, or any other performance measurement strategy, where program performance is defined and mutually agreed upon by our clients or funding agencies – photographs with embedded GPS tracking as part of the field monitoring and verification requirements.To ensure that the designed monitoring and evaluation system is effectively implemented, CARPO provides training and ongoing support to its clients.