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Computer and Database Training and Development Project in Ministery of Interior Funded by EUPOL, 2013-2014 

Breif Summary of the Activity

The Tashkeel is the organisational plan for staff and equipment of the Afghan National Police. With support from EUPOL and other international actors the Tashkeel has been digitalised and available online, which spurs professionalism and transparency within the police force. The electronic tashkeel also implies institutional reform within the Ministry of Interior, and makes it possible to ensure that a certain number of positions are dedicated to women, hence strengthening the development of female policing. EUPOL support to the implementation of the electronic tashkeel, through mentoring, training, and a consultant placed at the Ministry of Interior, concluded in November 2014. Despite significant progress being identified, challenges remain, and the structure of the electronic tashkeel is not always reflected in reality. The future of the tashkeel and the use of it depends on the interest of Afghan counterparts in carrying on the implementation, as well as continuous international support.